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The DCANet Email Firewall inspects each inbound message and places it into one of three categories: valid messages, unsolicited commercial email (spam), and messages that are suspect. Valid messages are quickly delivered to the user’s inbox. Clearly identifiable ‘spam’ messages are automatically rejected. Suspect email messages are held in a personal, web-enabled quarantine for later review, freeing the user from the distractions caused by unsolicited commercial messages.

After you sign up for a DCANet email account you will receive an email message with instructions explaining how to view and manage your quarantine. By visiting your quarantine, you will have the ability to review messages, delete messages that are spam, or allow delivery of messages that were improperly tagged.

Logging In

The web interface for spam filtering is located at:

or https://scrubber.dca.net/ securely, however you must accept the self-signed certificate.

Your login is your e-mail address. If you do not have or do not remember your password, put your e-mail address in the login field and click "create new password." A new password will be e-mailed to your e-mail address.

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your mail client, a plugin can be downloaded from the login page. It will allow you to train the Firewall by classifying email as spam directly from your Outlook program.

Quarantine Options

When you login you see your quarantine inbox. This has all of the messages that were quarantined by our spam filter. You can click on the messages to read them in your web browser.

Spam Firewall 1
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You have 3 options for each message. You can have it delivered to your mail box, you can have the sender's address whitelisted or you can delete the message. Whitelisting a message causes any mail sent from that address to not be filtered.

Spam Firewall 2
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If you wish to have all the mail deleted, whitelisted or delivered you can check the box next to "Date". This will mark each message. You can then click on the appropriate button for the action you wish to take.

Spam Firewall 3
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User-Specified Preferences

To change your preferences click on the tab labeled preferences. You can change your Spam Filter password under the security tab.

Spam Firewall 4
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You can choose whether or not you want to have your mail quarantined. If you choose no, all mail will be delivered to your mail box regardless of its spam score.

Spam Firewall 5
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The next choice is for the Spam Filter. You can turn off spam scanning of your mail. If you choose this all mail destined for your email address will be delivered without being filtered.

Spam Firewall 6
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The next choice allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your quarantine A score from 0-9 is calculated for each incoming email to determine the likelihood of spam. You can adjust the settings.

Spam Firewall 7

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The next choice is whitelist/blacklist. Addresses that are whitelisted will always be delivered regardless of content. Blacklisted addresses will never be delivered.

Spam Firewall 8
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The DCANet Spam filter can send a notice notifying you of the content of your quarantine inbox. The default is to do this daily. The other choices are weekly and to not be notified at all.

Spam Firewall 9
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Messages are deleted from quarantine after 30 days.

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